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The tailed gown dress

Good morning #flamencofans! Today our post is about the tailed gown dress, another element used in flamenco.

During the second half of the eighteenth century has appeared the first flamenco gown tail, which was made in Beijing. Esthetically it is similar to today’s gown dress: the body had a round neckline, sleeves were three quarters and the tail was dragged. In the last third of the nineteenth century it was shorter than today’s. The first tailed gown dress appeared in Granada, and it was specially long and white. During the first quarter of the twentieth century, popular flamenco dancers like Pastora Imperio or Antonia Mercé imposed the use of the tailed gown.

Nowadays, this element has been mostly used by women though it is difficult to see one due to its high cost of handling and manufacture. Therefore, the use of this element requires knowledge of both its origin and evolution. The tailed gown dress has to be used following the the music, rhythm, beat... For example, if we want to show strength and character we will have to move it stronger. It can be moved from side to side, up and down… It all depends on the artist!

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