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Discovering the flamenco guitar

Good morning #flamencofans! Have you ever wondered which is the difference between the typical acoustic guitar and the flamenco guitar? Today we give you the answer!

The flamenco guitar was originally created in Spain and we could define it as a variant of the acoustic guitar, in fact, their differences may be unnoticed at first sight. Due to their similarity they are sometimes confused but their specifications and materials are slightly different.

Firstly, the case of the flamenco guitar is narrower than the one of the acoustic, making it more comfortable and agile. In addition, the strings are located closer to the fingerboard, which helps the guitar player to exercise less pressure on the strings and therefore dedicate more energy to do stronger strumming.

Moreover, the wood of the flamenco guitar and acoustic is different. The ring, the sides and the back surface is made of cypress and the front is mostly made of German fir. Because of this, the flamenco guitar can have different aspects and colors.

The sound is also different in comparison with the acoustic, as the flamenco guitar is less sonorous but more percussive. These properties allow it to adapt better to the demands of flamenco.

Finally, there’s one detail that must be mentioned: inside the rosette of the guitar there is a protective layer that protects the guitar from the wood knocks and flamenco strumming, a very important fact to take into account because flamenco guitar players may play the instrument quite strongly.

Neither better nor worse, just… different! If you want to listen to our guitars accompanied by the best flamenco show in Barcelona you just have to visit us in #PalaciodelFlamenco, hope to see you!