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Antonio Flores

I promise to see the joy
Learn from the experience
But never, never again
Use violence
-Antonio Flores

Those are very wise words that everyone should learn. Hello, #flamencofans! Today we got a little bit nostalgic when we listened to this mythical Antonio Flores’ song. This song is a scream, a cry, a declaration of peace. It is a “no” to violence. The singer expresses his pain because of the comitted crimes in the past, but he is able to stand up, keep going and choose a new life without violence and full of joy.

The spanish composer and singer has a gypsy origin, even though his music style is pop-rock and a little of singer-songwriter. Antonio is the only son of the singer Lola Flores “La Faraona” and the guitarist Antonio González “El Pescaílla”.

That’s why, even though he isn’t a cantaor or bailaor of flamenco, we believe he deserves a little tribute in our blog. His songs have filled people’s lifes with joy, songs full of urban poetry, love, nostalgia and experiences.

He had an intense career, though unfortunately short. He died the 31 may of 1995 with only 33 years, just fifteen days after her mother’s death, Lola Flores. He was found dead at his familiar house from El Lerele in Madrid, due to an overdose of barbiturics and alcohol. The family hadn’t recovered yet from the pain that supposed Lola’s death and received another hard hit.

After his death he started to be more recognised as a composer and singer with great talent. In 2002, it was released the disc “Para Antonio Flores. Cosas tuyas” (“To Antonio Flores. Stuff of yours”), edited by his own family and refering to one of his albums that was released when he was alive named “Cosas mías” (Stuff of mine), the work that established him as an artist. In this recording from 2002 sixteen spanish singers make a new version of his most famous songs.

It has also been very successful the tribute by Rosario Flores, his sister, when she made an own version of his famous song “No dudaría”. It is interpreted with a lot of emotion in memoriam of his brother.

It is a sad story, but now we can only remember Antonio Flores with joy, just as he said in his song and keep listening to his music.