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José Mercé

How are you, #flamencofans? It’s important to keep in mind the artists from the past because they were the masters of flamenco and they made of this art what it is today. But… what about the present artists? They also have to receive the recognition they deserve!

Today we want to explain you about José Mercé, a flamenco singer. Actually, José Mercé is the artistic name of José Soto Soto, a descendant of the mythical Paco la Luz and nephew of El Sernita and El Sordera. When he was a kid, he was a cantaor of the schola cantorum of the Basilica de la Merced, which is the origin of his artistic name.

From 1973 to 1978, he takes part in the Antonio Gades company, with whom he makes the film “Bodas de sangre” and does performances in different stages from Europe and America. Later, he starts doing recitals in cultural centers, flamenco clubs and festivals, taking part in the International Courses of Flamenco Art of the Catedra of Flamencology and Folkloric Andalucian Studies, entity that gives him the Jerez Cup.
In 1986 he wins La Serneta y Niña de los Peines prizes in the National Competition of Flamenco Art of Córdoba. He reached his professional recognition with this and he won his participation in the principal flamenco events.

In the past years, José Mercé has dedicated to create a more chearful flamenco with more musical accompaniment. One of the most known singles is “Aire” (2000), which has become a successful album since the cantaor threw it to the market.

The cantaor defines his last wrok, the album “Mi única llave” (2012), as “a flamenco album but keeping in mind we are in the XXI century, serious, plain, deep, of a huge wealth of music”. It is considered by the critics an impecable album, of international level and the most innovative in flamenco since the 80’s.

So you know #flamencofans, one should never stop following the present news about flamenco, because there are really delightful works that one could be missing out. That’s why we invite you to come to Palacio del Flamenco of Barcelona, where you can enjoy a really amazing show. We are waiting for you!